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August 9, 2011 / backtreatment

A chair to prevent back pain


A desk job is characterized as job that you sit still for a long time in stilted poses and poor posture. Most desk job workers are known of this issue and the illness they get from it in a form of lower back pain, pain from the legs, stiff muscles and etc.

Office chair to prevent back pain

The first step to prevent back pain is to get a comfortable office chair. A chair that will support your body as it should. The chair should be adjustable so u can adjust it to the most comfortable and healthy way for your body. Witch will reduce almost to zero the back pain you will get from it.

Before getting a chair for your self, you should check out if it has a way to adjust it for you.

What to check

1 – Adjustable seat height

Seat height should be in the right height your feet will touch the ground from their entire lower surface.

2 – Support to the lower back

It’s essential for your back to have all the support it needs.

3 – Adjustable back support

People have different bodies from each other and your need to have the support that suits your back

4 – Support for the head and neck

Lower back is the main support for the head and neck, if those aren’t supported properly, the back will suffer from the load of them.

5 – A chair that can turn 360 degrees on the same spot

In order to minimize the moving of the back

6 – Adjustable handles

Have your higher back released and not stiff from your hands.

7 – Chair seat tilt mechanism

8 – Soft seat

Hard seat will have your back stiff and will only worsen the pain.

More to prevent back pain, even in work hours. Setting right. Be sure to have both legs on the floor by having the right height of the seat. Have your back on straight and pressed to the back support of the chair. Have your chin lowered a little when looking at the desk.

Avoid being still. After being still for a long time it is necessary to get once an hour and do a little stretching, move all body parts and walk a little. If walking is hard, you can exercise breath, take a deep breath and hold for 5 to 10 seconds and release for few minutes


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