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August 9, 2011 / backtreatment

Lower back treatment without a surgery

There is no person who didn’t go through back pain at least once in his life, especially a lower back pain. Lower back pain is the most common pain after a headache. It can change your lifestyle, causes absences from work and etc.

Lower back pain is felt from the lower lumbar vertebrae, sacrum vertebrae and the sacrum. Sometimes accompanied by pain radiating to the buttocks or along the leg.

Most of the cases of lower back pain are mechanical. Including: degenerative disease and spinal stenosis – Pain expression of spinal canal stenosis resulting from a general degenerative disease, sometimes inflammatory, affecting cells, tissues in the vertebrae, joints or inter vertebral disks. A common phenomenon that causes the disk to dehydrate and lowering his ability to stand mechanical loads witch can cause a herniated disc.

To compensate for the excessive movement, the muscles of the back are required to work more to stabilize the area of the excessive movement. It causes a rise of the muscle tone and in the long-term a decrease in blood supply and increased lactate concentration. A lower back pain whether Acute or chronically causes intense suffering and harm the lifestyle.

The crt method as a treatment

It’s a method of the patient and doctor to work together, by moving the patient’s joins in order to stabilize train and improve control over the joints of the kinetic chain from head to toe. The attitude of the treatment is to treat the whole body as one, and not only the lower back.

In the second step they connect the device ” auralon c” to the damaged area which redirects the damaged organs to their regular path.


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