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August 10, 2011 / backtreatment

How to deal with back pain?

The reasons for back pain are many and varied; sometimes it indicates a chronicle serious problem like herniated disc or protruded disc, diseases or tumors in the spine. But not in all cases it’s that serious, sometimes it indicates bad and unhealthy habits/life style. Among children and teens that are still growing the view of expert medical persons over this issue is different then their view of this issue among matures. The bodies of teens and children are still growing and evolving and because of that, there bodies get damaged faster. So it’s crucial to keep an open eye on those things.

Regular back pain

Back pains that aren’t chronicle, mostly are due to dysfunction of the mechanical complex in the back. It can be caused by stress, lack of exercise, carrying heavy weight and more. One of the most important things you need to keep check on is the weight of the children’s backpack. Therefore it’s advised to buy a backpack with orthopedic support witch will lay out the weight on the back properly. A key fact is that is advised to purchase a backpack who doesn’t weight more then 10% of the Child’s weight. Exceeding that percent can cause your child to have back pain and permanent damage to his spine.

Growth pain

Part of the cases of back pain among children is reveled as a normal and natural pain caused by the growth of the kid. This pain is temporary and can be felt in times of a growth spurt. The body is changing and it reacts to the changes by pain that can be eased with a rest, painkillers.

Mechanical problems

Among children lower back pain from mechanical problems are quite common, its also the age to treat flaws in the structure of the vertebrae and scoliosis using physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment in order to problems to be gone while the growth period of the child and not having them afterwards.

Chronicle back pain

If back pain continues for a while among children and also teenagers, it’s critical to get a diagnosis from an expert since most of the times the issues are actually quite critical. And it can site infections, tumors and even a benign tumor in the spine. For every site there is its own treatment, whether its physiotherapy treatment, medicine treatment, it can be healed. And in the worst cases also a surgery.


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