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August 10, 2011 / backtreatment

Tips for first aid in lower back pain

Try to reduce the pain – if you don’t have any medicinal treatment, you can use a cold pack or any frozen bag like Bag of frozen peas, wrap a cloth around it and put on the aching area for 10 minutes up to two or three times a day. In order to relax a stiff muscle you can use any source of heat like a bag of hot water. * You should check with an expert if it suitable to you.

Consult with Chiropractor – manipulations treatment are proven by research and its recommended by Europeans medical guidelines to treat lower back pain with it. In case of constant back pain for long period of time. Consult a chiropractor and check what you can do to avoid having a back pain in the future.

Don’t ruse to unnecessary surgery – even if the pain is hard, it’s rare it will have an impact so hard that surgery will be needed. X-ray, CT, and MRI are not necessary when it’s a pain from mechanical source. Consult an expert and he will tell if a scan is needed and if so, witch one.

Continue with you everyday lifestyle –  in most cases of back pain you will feel better in few days, and recommended to continue in your everyday exercise and schedule even with the pain, although it hurts it will help the back to heal faster and for the pain to fade away quicker. Remember even if the muscles are hurting you need to move them, tolerant the pain and do little exercises without putting to much pressure on the spine. You can walk, walk in a pool, breath exercises and work on exercise bikes.

Keep calm – stress and panic can worsen the pain, be calm, and avoid bad thoughts and stress that can result in the pain getting worse. Do exercises as walking, breath exercises are also perfect to get yourself calm. Take a full breath, keep the air inside for 5 to 10 seconds and let out. In case of dizziness and headache, consult an expert.


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